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This is a user link template for use internally on Wikipedia.


The username can be defined via a named or an unnamed parameter, i.e.

  • {{User2|User=USERNAME}} or
  • {{User2|USERNAME}}


In cases of usernames which contain = sign, the former syntax should be used, e.g.


  • User is a required parameter, e.g. |User=Jimbo Wales.
  • Project defines a Wikimedia sister project to be used instead of the English Wikipedia, the correct code for the interwiki link should be used, e.g. |Project=b.
  • Lang is the interlanguage code for a project to be used instead of the English Wikipedia, e.g. |Lang=es. This can be used in conjunction with the project parameter.
  • sup controls whether the output is in superscript, e.g. |sup=yes.


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