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{{GAR/link}} subtemplates:

GAR/AH แก้

This purpose of this template is to help editors add {{Article history}} actions to record the outcome of good article reassessment activities, that is, individual and community reassessments of articles against the good article criteria. To close a reassessment, remove the {{GAR/link}} template and substitute this one into the {{Article history}} template. Please only do this if you are confident with using {{Article history}}, and check for the red error category afterwards.

For individual reassessments use:

{{subst:GAR/AH|action number|result=result|page=talk subpage number}}

For community reassessments use:

{{subst:GAR/AH|action number|result=result|GARpage=GAR discussion page number}}

If the GARpage is omitted, it is assumed to be 1.