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วิกิพีเดีย:Article alerts/Bot use warning

This template provides details about about an ongoing GA reassessment. It is created automatically by substituting {{subst:GAR}}. Please do not use this template directly to initiate a reassessment: instead, add {{subst:GAR}} to the top of the article talk page. This will create of copy of this template with the following syntax:


where the page parameter indicates the number of talk subpage where an individual reassessment is stored and the GARpage parameter indicates the number of the good article reassessment subpage where a community reassessment is stored. Initially these parameters will both point to the next free subpage and the template will appear as follows:

Following the appropriate link opens an edit window to create a new reassessment page, with some preloaded text, and some instructions on what to write in the edit window. Once you've saved your edit, and the reassessment page is created, this template will change to provide an announcement and a link:

However, you may need to bypass the cached version of the article talk page to see this change.

The status parameter is used to indicate the result of the reassessment: once the reassessment is complete, this should be set to one of "listed", "delisted", "not listed" or "kept", according to the outcome. For example:

There is also a pagename parameter, in case the article is moved, resulting in a mismatch between the pagename of the article and the name of the reassessment page. Alternatively the reassessment page can be moved, but this requires some care to get the numbering right.

The template traps some errors, such as a missing page parameter. Also, if an article has had many reviews or reassessments, {{subst:GAR}} may not be able to find the next free reassessment page, but this template provides help on what to do if that happens. Here is an example of such an error message:

Technical note แก้

This template uses {{GAR/linktext}} to provide its text, and {{GAR/editintro1}}, {{GAR/editintro2}}, {{GAR/preload1}}, {{GAR/preload2}}, {{subst:GAR/header}} and {{subst:GAR/subst}} to assist with the creation of the reassessment page.

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