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{{Cite arXiv}}ร่างบทความ arXiv
{{Cite AV media}}สื่อโสตทัศน์
{{Cite AV media notes}}สื่อโสตทัศน์ (liner notes)
{{Cite bioRxiv}}ร่างบทความ bioRxiv
{{Cite book}}หนังสือ
{{Cite conference}}บันทึกการประชุม
{{Cite encyclopedia}}สารานุกรม/พจนานุกรม
{{Cite episode}}ตอนวิทยุหรือโทรทัศน์
{{Cite interview}}บทสัมภาษณ์
{{Cite journal}}เอกสารหรือวารสารวิชาการ
{{Cite magazine}}สิ่งพิมพ์รายคาบ, นิตยสาร
{{Cite mailing list}}บัญชีจ่าหน้าสาธารณะ
{{Cite map}}แผนที่
{{Cite news}}บทความข่าว
{{Cite newsgroup}}กลุ่มข่าวออนไลน์
{{Cite podcast}}พอดแคสต์
{{Cite press release}}ข่าวแจก/ประชาสัมพันธ์
{{Cite report}}รายงาน
{{Cite serial}}สื่อชุดโสตทัศน์
{{Cite sign}}ป้าย/ประกาศ
{{Cite speech}}สุนทรพจน์
{{Cite techreport}}รายงานเชิงเทคนิค
{{Cite thesis}}วิทยานิพนธ์
{{Cite web}}เว็บไซต์ที่ไม่เข้ากลุ่มข้างบน

This Citation Style 1 template is used to create citations for maps.

These specific-source templates use {{cite map}} as a meta-template:


แม่แบบ:Citation Style documentation/usage

  • {{cite map |publisher= |title= |trans_title= |date= |year= |url= |scale= |series= |version= |cartography= |page= |pages= |section= |inset= |edition= |location= |language= |format= |isbn= |id= |ref= |accessdate= |archiveurl= |archivedate= }}
{{cite map
 |publisher   =
 |title       =
 |trans_title =
 |date        =
 |year        =
 |url         =
 |scale       =
 |series      =
 |version     =
 |cartography =
 |page        =
 |pages       =
 |section     =
 |inset       =
 |edition     =
 |location    =
 |language    =
 |format      =
 |isbn        =
 |id          =
 |ref         =
 |accessdate  =
 |archiveurl  =
 |archivedate =


{{Cite map |publisher=OpenStreetMap |publisher-link= OpenStreetMap |title=E.T. Seton Park – OpenStreetMap |url= |cartography=OpenStreetMap contributors |accessdate=26 November 2011}}

  • E.T. Seton Park – OpenStreetMap (Map). การทำแผนที่โดย OpenStreetMap contributors. OpenStreetMap. สืบค้นเมื่อ 26 November 2011. {{cite map}}: ไม่รู้จักพารามิเตอร์ |publisher-link= ถูกละเว้น (help)

{{Cite map |publisher=Skelly Oil Company |title=Highway Map of Oklahoma |cartography=Diversified Map Co |year=1966 |section=11C}}

  • Highway Map of Oklahoma (Map). การทำแผนที่โดย Diversified Map Co. Skelly Oil Company. 1966. § 11C.

{{Cite map |publisher=Rand McNally |title=Discovery Atlas of the United States |year=1993 |page=7 |section=7G}}

  • Discovery Atlas of the United States (Map). Rand McNally. 1993. p. 7. § 7G.

{{Cite map |publisher=Stanley Maps |title=Mt. Rainier National Park |scale=1 : 30,000 |year=2000 |edition=Centennial |cartography=Charles B. Kitterman / Kulshan Cartographic Services |isbn=0-9662209-4-3}}

  • Mt. Rainier National Park (Map) (Centennial ed.). 1 : 30,000. การทำแผนที่โดย Charles B. Kitterman / Kulshan Cartographic Services. Stanley Maps. 2000. ISBN 0-9662209-4-3.

{{Cite map |publisher=Kansas Department of Transportation |title=Official State Transportation Map |url= |format= PDF |edition=2005-2006 |section=F9 |accessdate=2007-03-30}}

{{Cite map |publisher=New Zealand Department of Conservation |publisher-link= New Zealand Department of Conservation |title=Kepker Track |series=Parkmap |scale=1 : 50,000 |edition=3rd |year=2003 |cartography=GeoSmart (NZ) Ltd}}

  • Kepker Track (Map) (3rd ed.). 1 : 60,000. Parkmap. การทำแผนที่โดย GeoSmart (NZ) Ltd. New Zealand Department of Conservation. 2003. {{cite map}}: ไม่รู้จักพารามิเตอร์ |publisher-link= ถูกละเว้น (help)

{{Cite map |publisher=Ordnance Survey Ireland |publisher-link= Ordnance Survey Ireland |title=Kerry |series=Discovery Series |scale=1 : 60,000 |edition=2nd |year=2000 |isbn=1-901496-59-7}}

  • Kerry (Map) (2nd ed.). 1 : 50,000. Discovery Series. Ordnance Survey Ireland. 2000. ISBN 1-901496-59-7. {{cite map}}: ไม่รู้จักพารามิเตอร์ |publisher-link= ถูกละเว้น (help)

{{Cite map |publisher=United States Geological Survey |publisher-link= United States Geological Survey |title=Mount Adams East Quadrangle - Washington - Yakima Co. |year=1998 |scale=1 : 24,000 |series=7,5 Minute Series (Topographic) |isbn=0-607-92088-2}}

  • Mount Adams East Quadrangle - Washington - Yakima Co (Map). 1 : 24,000. 7,5 Minute Series (Topographic). United States Geological Survey. 1998. ISBN 0-607-92088-2. {{cite map}}: ไม่รู้จักพารามิเตอร์ |publisher-link= ถูกละเว้น (help)



แม่แบบ:Citation Style documentation/syntax แม่แบบ:Citation Style documentation/coins


แม่แบบ:Citation Style documentation/deprecated



แม่แบบ:Citation Style documentation/title แม่แบบ:Citation Style documentation/language แม่แบบ:Citation Style documentation/type


  • date: Date of source being referenced. Can be full date (day, month, and year) or partial date (month and year, season and year, or year). Use same format as other publication dates in the citations.[date 1] Required when year is used to disambiguate {{sfn}} links to multiple-work citations by the same author in the same year.[more] Do not wikilink. Displays after the authors and is enclosed in parentheses. If there is no author, then displays after publisher. For acceptable date formats, see Help:Citation Style 1 § Dates.
For approximate year, precede with "c. ", like this: |date=c. 1900.

For no date, or "undated", add as |date=n.d.
  • year: Year of source being referenced. Use of |date= is recommended unless all of the following conditions are met:
    1. The template uses |ref=harv, or the template is {{citation}}, or |mode=cs2
    2. The |date= format is YYYY-MM-DD.
    3. The citation requires a CITEREF disambiguator.
  • orig-year: Original publication year; displays after the date or year. For clarity, please supply specifics. For example: |orig-year=First published 1859 or |orig-year=Composed 1904. Alias: origyear
  • df: date format; sets rendered dates to the specified format; does not support date ranges or seasonal dates. Accepts one value which may be one of these:
    dmy – set publication dates to day month year format; access- and archive-dates are not modified;
    mdy – as above for month day, year format
    ymd – as above for year initial numeric format YYYY-MM-DD
    dmy-all – set publication, access-, and archive-dates to day month year format;
    mdy-all – as above for month day, year format
    ymd-all – as above for year initial numeric format YYYY-MM-DD
  1. Publication dates in references within an article should all have the same format. This may be a different format from that used for archive and access dates. See MOS:DATEUNIFY.


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Edition, seriesแก้ไข

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In-source locationsแก้ไข

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Display optionsแก้ไข

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แม่แบบ:Citation Style 1 แม่แบบ:Wikipedia referencing This template produces COinS metadata; see COinS in Wikipedia for background information.