This template accepts up to 6 licenses (the first 6 unnamed parameters, which should be the names of image license templates), and displays them as options to choose between in a multi-license. If the image was not uploaded by its author, you can change "I" at the start of the template to another name by setting the author= parameter.

The optional migration= parameter corresponds to keywords in the {{license migration}} template series and is used to track the license update process for GFDL images.

Here are 3 examples of multi-license templates along with links to their component parts:

{{self |cc-by-sa-3.0| GFDL}}
{{self |cc-by-sa-3.0}}
{{self |cc-by-3.0}}

Here below is what the first example template produces when saved in an image page.

{{self |cc-by-sa-3.0| GFDL}}


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