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Usage แก้

This template can be used to add an infobox for a phonetic sound.

This infobox can be used to describe a phonetic sound, both by its name and its IPA symbol. Additional information can be added, like the X-SAMPA letters and a graphic image file.

In general, the descriptive name corresponds with the article name. The infobox is then placed on that article page. 07:32, 15 ตุลาคม 2563 (+07)

Parameters แก้

Basic parameters แก้

Only a few parameters are required to produce a useful infobox. The above header can be set, and up to four IPA symbols can be shown:

For common IPA symbols, the IPA number defines the article name and the default soundfile name. Decimals are decimal character references, also known as "Entity", to define the symbol in HTML. The template tries to find all known information with these two numbers.

Voiced alveolar lateral fricative
เอนทิตี (ฐาน 10)ɮ
ยูนิโคด (ฐาน 16)U+026E

{{Infobox IPA
| ipa number  = 149
| decimal1    = 622

Some more basic parameters:

Voiced velar plosive
เอนทิตี (ฐาน 10)ɡ
ยูนิโคด (ฐาน 16)U+0261

{{Infobox IPA
| above = Voiced velar plosive
| ipa-number=110
| decimal=609
| ipa-image=Xsampa-g.png
| x-sampa=g
| kirshenbaum=g

Full parameter list แก้

{{infobox IPA
| above        =
| ipa symbol   =
| ipa symbol2  =
| ipa symbol3  =
| ipa symbol4  =

| imagefile    =
| imagecaption =
| imagesize    =

| ipa number   =
| ipa link     =
| decimal1     =
| decimal2     =
| decimal3     =
| decimal4     =
| note1 label  =
| note1        =

| unicode      =
| x-sampa      =
| kirshenbaum  =
| note2 label  =
| note2        =

| soundfile    =

| showbelow    =
Decimal numbers

Up to four decimal values can be entered, to compose the symbol:

Voiceless palatal lateral fricative
หมายเลขไอพีเอ157 402A 429
เอนทิตี (ฐาน 10)ʎ​̥​˔
ยูนิโคด (ฐาน 16)U+028E U+0325 U+02D4

| ipa symbol = ʎ̥˔
| ipa number = 157 402A 429
| decimal1   = 654
| decimal2   = 805
| decimal3   = 724
| decimal4   =

Multiple symbols แก้

Up to eight symbols can be shown in big font.

Downstep and upstep

| above = Downstep and upstep
| ipa symbol  =ꜛ◌
| ipa symbol2 =ꜜ◌
| ipa symbol3 =
| ipa symbol8 =

Image แก้

Adding an image of the symbol:

Voiceless palatal lateral fricative

{{infobox IPA
| ipa symbol = ʎ̥˔
| imagefile    = Lateral fricatives.svg
| imagecaption = image example
| imagesize    = 50px

More input options แก้

Open front unrounded vowel
Extra note 1This is my first note
ยูนิโคด (ฐาน 16)U+9999
Extra note 2Anothernote by me here
| ipa symbol   =a
| note1 label  =Extra note 1
| note1        =This is my first note

| unicode      =U+9999
| x-sampa      =X-S
| kirshenbaum  =K
| note2 label  =Extra note 2
| note2        =Another note by me here

| showbelow    = no

Soundfile แก้

The template tries to determine the default soundfile name by using the sound name (as determined by the IPA number, or IPA symbol):

  • {{IPAsym|m}} → bilabial nasal.ogg
  • If this fails, the file name can be entered.

When the file exists, the soundbox is shown. Otherwise, no soundbox is shown at all.

Example non default soundfile

| ipa symbol = abc
| note2      = Example non default soundfile
| soundfile  = Accordion registers.ogg


See {{IPA audio filename}} and {{IPA soundbox}} for more information on phonetic soundfiles.

Deprecated parameters แก้

The next parameters are deprecated. They can still be used, and may be present in articles.

Old parameters are treated as input for new ones, e.g. input ipa-image=... is read as input for imagefile=....

old parameter goes into new parameter:<br>
ipa-number    => ipa number
ipa-text      => ipa symbol
ipa-image     => imagefile
decimal       => decimal1
xsampa        => x-sampa
sound         => soundfile

Priorities in parameters แก้

The template tries to get as much information as possible from the input. Overwriting:

| above        = (overwrites ipa symbol name (IPAsym) in header)
| ipa symbol   = (overwrites big symbol that was created by the decimal numbers)
| unicode      = (overwrites Unicode numbers that were determinated by the decimal numbers)
| soundfile    = (overwrites any default soundfile name that was derived by the IPA symbol name or number)

See also แก้