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  • Parameter 1: Default category name (without Category).
  • Parameter 2: Preposition (from, since, in, as of).
  • Parameter 3: Date (month year, e.g. สิงหาคม 2020. Usually the "date" parameter of the calling template {{{date|}}}.
  • Parameter 4: All inclusive category name.
  • Parameter 5: Alternative default category (overrides 1 which is then only used to construct the dated category if it exists).


The parameter onlyarticles is used for template design, restricting the function of this template to article namespace (as in {{DMCA}} ).



An incorrect date is any date which is not of the form สิงหาคม 2020, e.g. สิงหาคม 05, 2020, or june instead of June, or other spelling mistakes.

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