Worakamol Satur

Worakamol Satur แก้

Worakamol Satur (Thai: วรกมล ชาเตอร์) also known as Jeff, was born (on 6 March 1995). His Thai name is Worakamol and his English name is Jeff. He is a talented singer, songwriter, model and actor. Now he is working under Wayfer Records which is in the control of Warner Music Thailand. In the music industry, he is known as the singer and songwriter of the song “Why don’t you stay “ which is the original soundtrack of KinnPorche the series and DUM DUM. In the filmography, Jeff is known as “ Kimhan '' from KinnPorches the series. Jeff is getting the recognition that he rightfully deserves and slowly becoming known globally. Additionally, for the beauty brand, Jeff is also known as Philosophy’s first-ever brand friend for Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.[1][2]

At first, Jeff entered the music industry by being a trainee of RS Entertainment then he joined the project “ Jeff the demo project” and then started to publish the song. The first song that he published under the demo project is (โลกแตก) which was released on 27 June 2013.[3]

Early life , Education and Inspiration แก้

Worakamol Satur was born in Bangkok, Thailand on March 6, 1955. He is of Thai, Chinese, and English descent. His mother is Pranee Saelor who is half Thai and Chinese and his father is from England. Jeff is the second child out of five children of his mother. He completed his secondary at Satit Bilingual School of Rangsit University, specializing in arts and the Japanese language, and for bachelor's degree, He graduated with a business administration degree from Rangsit University.[4][5]

Jeff mentioned that he started to like music when he was nine years old. At that time he listened to a lot of music from CDs and compact cassettes. He likes to listen to all kinds of music but mostly listens to metal and when he was in grade three, he used to play classical guitar but after he had an accident, he stopped playing the guitar. Then after that, he realized what he wanted to study and he came up with the answer that he wanted to play the drums but he was playing it for a short time. Then he started to form a band with his friends during high school.[6]

In conclusion, Jeff thinks that the reason he liked music was because it made him feel driven by the music and made people have feelings. For example, if a person listens to rock music, it will make them feel arrogant and motivated which can increase positive feelings and music can make people united together. He also thinks that music can express feelings that humans can’t describe, he noticed this when he was in high school where his music made other people smile and he has been getting inspiration since then.

During the early stages of his career, he sang a well-known song but no one was listening to him. Jeff’s parents were his only audience in there who were standing with the flowers. Both of his parents are always supporting him even on the day that nobody was there for him.

The relationship between Jeff and his mothers is that they are very close to each other and Jeff mentioned that he is able to talk about everything with his mother. Since Jeff was young, Mrs.Saelor said that she always questions things including the movie and cartoon that he watched, and then analyzes what is happening. Jeff’s mother thinks that "The child is an adult, but it's a downsized adult” which makes her listen to her son and Jeff believes that emotions are what causes many people to misunderstand each other.[7]

Jeff Satur is a Thai singer who enrolled in the Thai pop industry in 2013 in a television competition The Voice Thailand: First season. He had the opportunity to work as a trainee in the Kamikaze label which is under a famous record label called RS Entertainment and he trained for 3 months. He debuted on 7 June 2013 with The Demo project and his first digital single is ‘โลกแตก (Lok-take)’. However, Kamikaze ended abruptly which made him became the last artist under this label. RS Entertainment continued to support him by moving him to the affiliated labels called The Demo label. After he moved, he used Jeff The Demo as a stage name and released 2 singles called ‘Miss you like crazy (คิดถึงเธอแทบจะตายแล้ว)’ and ‘Afraid to say (ไม่กล้าบอกชัด)’ which gained popularity across the country.[3]

In 2015, he decided to move to the Garden Music label and be a part of Garden the Memory Project. Moreover, he used Jeff Garden Music as a stage name and released single ‘ไม่อาจเปลี่ยนใจ (feat. Thurs & Ozone)’, ‘ไม่หายไป’ and ‘แค่ได้รัก (Ost. บ่วงรัก สลักแค้น)’. However In 2018, after he released various singles he decided to drop from the music industry and work with his father’s business. [4]A while later, in 2019 he met his manager whose name is Pop and who is the head of the Warper project. Pop invited Jeff to join this project and allowed him to act and compose the OST single which is ‘Comedy’ for a short movie named ‘He She It’. Moreover, Comedy is the first single that he composed by himself and this song is ranked in many countries such as Taiwan, Indonesia and so on which makes him reignite his passion for music.[8]

He continues to work as an actor and singer, From 2018-2020, he moved to the new label called GRAND MUSIK which is under the famous company GMM Grammy and released many songs such as ‘Changed (เปลี่ยนไปแล้ว)’, ‘Ploimue (ปล่อยมือ)’ and ‘Reuang dee dee (เรื่องดีดี)’. After that In 2021, he moved to Passengers Records label and released 3 singles which are ‘HOLDING ON (อยู่)’, ‘LAST SUNSET (ปีใหม่ปีนี้)’ and ‘SURREAL (จริงเกิน)’. [4]Eventually, in 2021, he signed with Wayfer Records under the supervision of Warner Music Thailand. Recently, Jeff's popularity increased due to selecting music genres that resonate with his identity and the current era. His songs such as 'Fade (ลืมไปแล้วว่าลืมยังไง),' 'Why Don't You Stay (แค่เธอ)' from the soundtrack of 'KinnPorsche The Series ', 'Loop (วันนี้คือพรุ่งนี้ของเมื่อวาน)', ‘Highway’, ‘Complicated (ทำไมมันยาก)’, ‘Hide (แค่เงา)’, ‘Dumdum (ดึมดึม)’, ‘Lucid (ก่อนที่เธอจะลืมฝัน)’ and ‘Black Tie’ which will show his adaptability to different styles.[3]

Additionally in 2022, he attracted attention for his role as Kim of ‘KinnPorsche The Series’ and for singing the theme song "Why Don't You Stay (แค่เธอ)’. He joined Be On Cloud from July 2022 to February 2023. During this period, the company and Warner Music Thailand jointly managed his acting work. After that, Jeff performed in the stage play ‘Closer’ for the first time in 2022. The stage play is produced by LiFE Creator and adapted from the 1997 work by British playwright Patrick Marber. Jeff participated in 7 of the performances in August and also wrote and sang songs for the stage play, which was later renamed ‘Stranger’ and officially released.

In November 2022, he joined Studio On Saturn which is his label. However, in terms of the music industry, he is still with Wayfer Records under the supervision of Warner Music Thailand. In February 2023, the first overseas solo concert JEFF SATUR LIVE ON SATURN will be held in Indonesia and will tour Singapore, Bangkok, and other cities. In July of the same year, he went to Brazil to perform at a music festival.

Filmography แก้

Jeff perspective’s about acting from the interview is that he didn't clarify his criteria specifically for choosing his role but Jeff will consider the role in the stories that he is interested in. It must be a new, unique, interesting, and different storyline than others. If the job has all of these properties there will be a higher chance that he will choose the job[6].[8]

Television Series แก้

Year Title Role Notes
2019 HE SHE IT Mike Mini Series
2020 Ingredients Marvin Mini Series
2021 Love Area Shawn Series
2021 KinnPorche Kimhan Series
2023 Wuju Bakery Not announce yet Not on-air yet

Roles Description แก้

  • In KinnPorche the series, Jeff's role was to play a character named Kimhan. Kimhan is the youngest in a mafia family and is an introvert, he always keeps himself quiet and doesn't like to hang out with other people. He enjoys being mysterious and difficult to approach because he rarely stays at home or stays in the same place for a long time. His character is really interesting as a lot of the audience cannot guess what will happen to him.[1]
  • In Love Area The series, Jeff plays the role name Shawn. A charming playboy who doesn't believe in love. Jeff's performance of acting depth to Shawn's personality make him look very attractive in the series and with his incredible performance, many audiences were fascinated and fell in love with the characters.[9]
  • In the Ingredients mini-series, Jeff’s role is Marvin. Marwin is a young romantic who is playful, and charming. He is dedicated to music and his dream is to become a world-class musician. His interest in music is so strong that he didn't take care of himself until he came to live with Tops.[10]
  • In the series He She It, Jeff's role was to play a character named Mike. Mike is a character that has to keep the secret of a romantic relationship with his best friends and keep everyone out of this secret. However, their romantic relationship is kept under wraps whenever they are in public with other people.[11]

Discography แก้

Jeff mentioned in the interview that he was inspired to write a song by turning his curiosity into music with the passion of wanting to share his emotions and stories with other people within a 1-2 minute song. He also finds inspiration from other singers and different types of music to express his feelings in the song even better.[12][2]

Title Released date Producer Studio
Black Tie 12/10/2023 Jeff Satur Studio on saturn
Fade (我最愛的就是你) 21/09/2023 Jeff Satur Lakeside Village Studio
Lucid (ก่อนที่เธอจะลืมฝัน) 22/06/2023 Jeff Satur Lakeside Village Studio
Dum Dum 6/03/2023 Jeff Satur Lakeside Village Studio
Steal The Show 23/02/2023 Jeff Satur Lakeside Village Studio
Stranger 18/11/2022 Jeff Satur Studio On Saturn
Fade (ลืมไปแล้วว่าลืมยังไง) 3/09/2022 Jeff Satur Lakeside Village Studio
Silence (ความเงียบคือคำตอบ) 24/08/2022 Jeff Satur , Worrasarit Srisamaigul , Piyakorn Piyasut Warner Music Thailand
Hide (English Version) 19/08/2022 Kritsada Vadeesirisak Studio 28
Hide (แค่เงา) 19/05/2022 Kritsada Vadeesirisak Axis Studio
Why Don't You Stay (แค่เธอ) 17/05/2022 Jeff Satur Studio on Saturn
Loop (วันนี้คือพรุ่งนี้ของเมื่อวาน) 18/03/2022 MAC SARUN Lakeside Village Studio
Complicated (ทำไมมันยาก) 27/01/2022 Kritsada Vadeesirisak -
Call Me Your Brother (ความลับ) 18/01/2022 Boy Sompob, Napapat Karnjanarat, Panust Nakrumpai PNV Studio
Highway 26/11/2021 Benlussboy LUSS Studio
Love Area (ที่ตรงนี้) 27/08/2021 Jeff Satur -
Surreal (จริงเกิน) 02/08/2021 Jeff Satur Passenger Records
Goodbye Not Goodbye (Thai) 15/03/2021 Jeff Satur -
Holding On (อยู่) 18/02/2021 Geeno Smooth Entrance Studio
Moment (From "Ingredients") 19/11/2020 Jeff Satur -
Comedy 06/08/2020 Jeff Satur -
Moment (เวลานี้) 4/07/2020 Jeff Satur -
Reuang dee dee (เรื่องดีดี) 17/01/2020 Jeff Satur -
Ploimue (ปล่อยมือ) 27/02/2019 Jeff Satur -
Changed (เปลี่ยนไปแล้ว) 27/09/2018 Jeff Satur -
Khea dai ruk (แค่ได้รัก) 03/08/2016 Narathip Panrear -
Mai Aaj Plien Jai (ไม่อาจเปลี่ยนใจ) 26/02/2015 Ekachai Junpamolsir -
Still (ไม่หายไป) 07/10/2015 Jeff Satur -
Afraid to say (ไม่กล้าบอกชัด) 26/02/2014 Jeff Satur -
Miss you like crazy (คิดถึงเธอแทบจะตายแล้ว) 09/10/2013 Jeff Satur -
Lok-taek (โลกแตก) 07/06/2013 Jeff Satur -

Drama / Series / Movie soundtrack works แก้

Year Title Drama / series / movie soundtrack
2022 แค่เธอ KinnPorche The Series
2022 ทำได้แค่มอง แอบจองรัก
2022 Because of you (เพราะเธอ) The Tuxedo
2022 Warm Heart (อบอุ่นหัวใจ) The Tuxedo
2021 ที่ตรงนี้ Love Area Love Area The Series
2021 แค่เธออยู่ Stay together Love Area The Series
2020 Goodbye is not goodbye Mini Series Ingredients
2020 เวลานี้ Moment Mini Series Ingredients
2019 Comedy He She It
Concert Name Show Date Location
Jeff Satur LIVE ON SATURN - Singapore 18/02/2023 Gateway Theatre
Jeff Satur: LIVE ON SATURN - Jakarta 04/02/2023 Balai Sarbini Jakarta
KINNPORSCHE THE SERIES WORLD TOUR 2022 "HONGKONG" 31-1/02/2023 Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre
BE ON CLOUD NEW YEAR COUNTDOWN PARTY 31/12/2022 Union Mall Lat Phrao
KINNPORSCHE THE SERIES WORLD TOUR 2022 "TAIPEI" 30/10/2022 Taipei International Convention Center (TICC)
KAMIKAZE K Fight Concer 13/10/2013 Royal Paragon Hall

Award and nomination แก้

Year Award Category Nominated Work Result
2022 TOTY Music Award New artist of the year Nominated
2022 TOTY Music Award Popular male artist songs of the year Fade (ลืมไปแล้วว่าลืมยังไง) Nominated
2022 TOTY Music Award Popular soundtracks Why don’t you stay (แค่เธอ) Nominated

Fashion Industry แก้

Jeff Satur has a unique style and fashion sense and it has allowed him to work with many famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Cartier,[2] Franck Muller, BOSS, FRED, and so on. Moreover, he was also invited to many fashion shows which are VERSACE (collection Fall/Winter 2023, LA USA) [13]and he attended ‘Valentino The Narratives Menswear Spring/ Summer 2024’ as a Friend of the House of Maison Valentino.[1]

Additionally, he also collaborated with Valentino in his recent single called “Black Tie''. This song is Jeff Satur's first original English track inspired by the Valentino Black Tie Collection.[14] Valentino supported him by sending 4 sets of clothes to take a music video of this song 2 of them are from the Valentino Black Tie Collection and the rest of them were specially designed by Pierpaolo Piccioli just for Jeff Satur.[15]

Moreover, he also being a Friend of the brand Philosophy which is the first person who promote cover 3 countries ( Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia )[16]

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